Outerbanks Day 1

Photos from the first day of our Outerbanks Vacation . . .

John's Zither

Hi have a precious friend named John who builds German zithers time and again.  He just finished one.  What an inspiration to me and my guitar building!  It sounds beautiful.  Very old-timey and comfortable.  Just right.  What an instrument and what a guy.  Hope you enjoy some photos.

A detail shot from New York

I like shooting details.  i sometimes think the details tell the story the best.  This was a small bar in the bottom of our New York hotel.  Red leather booths, a ragtime piano player, a 70 year-old gentleman refreshing some of his dusty dance steps, and a friend's glass of port.  The yellow background is a trash-truck outside on 47th ave.  Not everything is a big deal, but some details tell the story.

Men's Retreat Photos

Here are some photos from a Men's retreat at a camp in Southern Ohio and then a baby shower at a barn at a Central Ohio Farm.

Peter has been feeding himeself . . .

and sometimes it gets in his mouth!