I have not really had a chance to photograph landscapes since last November. It has been a good chance for me to learn to "cool it" with my hobby and live the life that is before me with passion. I have had a good break, but tonight I was back! Megan went to hang with a friend, and I had a feeling lightning was on the way. Looked up and sure-nuf! Headed out quick with some frozen strawberries in hand and ended up north and west of West Jefferson surrounded by a beautiful golden soybean field and very majestic/temperamental skies. I love how storms humble us.

I ran in and out of the car a few times in the hardest rain, got my camera gear significantly wet during the lighter stuff, drove back in a blindingly thick downpour, had some car trouble, a bit of road flooding, and a wonderful time. Such an adventure! Praise the Lord! There were many great shots that came of the evening. None caught my eye this one did during my first edit of the photos. It really was that beautiful there. The way the soybeans lit up in the golden light was amazing when back-dropped with the deep-grey storm clouds. Lighting was cracking and I stood out in the field with my tripod and clicked away.

This is a panoramic image composed of 7 vertical images taken in succession, then stitched together into a seamless panorama in photoshop. Slight curves adjustments were applied to honor the contrast of the original scene. This image will print out 60" by 16" when printed at its full resolution. I would love to make that massive print if anyone is interested! See you later!