Running in the Apple Orchard

I can't resist here's another one!

Little Guy and Mommy

We had an amazing time picking apples with our good firends Saturday morning.  Precious little kiddos running around with the biggest apples they could find.  Some good to eat, some not.  Ha!  So fun.

So many pictures, that I don't have time to do them all right now.  Here is one of the fun-loving little guy with mama!

Is contentment a bad word?

I am not one for rest historically.  Not one to sit idly by and let life happen to me.  I am not one to slow down, to experience bordem or any other such thing. 

But am I one to rest?  Rest, as I have been learning (for 6 years!) is not so much about what I'm doing, but what my heart is doing.  That said, I have been easing into a place of rest and contenment that I surely never thought was possible and am more convinced than ever is only the beginning.   And I am accomplishing more than ever at the same time - from a place of rest.

We had a wonderful family morning this past Saturday.  I haven't had much time for photography.  It was good fun to be able to shoot some pictures while sipping some coffee and eating some apple fritters.