Sunday Morning Walk to Church

This morning had rich soft, autumn light.  I saw it when I got up.  Wow, this is good light I thought.  At the same time, I acknowledged that it wasn't quite that good - yet.  It was a little too soft.  Lacking contrast.  Too cloudy.  Too overcast.  About 30 minutes before I was going to leave for church, the sun started to peak through a little bit.  Still soft, but now with a crispness to the light as well.  Perfect.  It rained last night.  Saturated colors, soft light, and crisp contrast.  Perfect for macro.  But church . . .  So I decided to walk to church, camera in hand.  Here are 10 minnutes of photos there.  Another couple shots on the way back.  Church was awesome.  The walk was awesome.  I love the Lord, his creation, and this day.  Enjoy.

Recent Life and We Love Peter

I've been taking pictures.

We've been picking apples.

Peter holds his first apple - a Fuji.

Meg's been air'n our laundry out - dryer broke :(

Dinner's been good.

Sunsets have been great.

Peter's been cute.  He continues to amaze us.  Enjoy the rest of the photos!