Early August Evening at The Lake

We had a lovely time at the lake this past august.  I went out the first night to go fishing, but lost my only lure first cast.  It was one of the moments where you don't even mind the aparent set back - because you knew it was no set back at all.  I started taking pictures.  I had a really great time exploring the sunset with my camera. It was just simply fun photographing.  All shot with an 85mm lens around f/2.  (Except for last photo of grill).

I am purposefully not editing any of these photos for this post - they are all straight out of camera.  I also picked not only my best - partly because I like many of them - but also because it is nice to show process sometime.  So, here is how the evening progressed in terms of almost studying the sunset.  I had a lot fun.  Hope you enjoy looking through them.


"There's no way to describe it."  "You won't know until you have your own."  "Nothing can prepare you for it."  Megan and I have heard these sorts of phrases on repeat from many people over the past multiple months.   They are all right.  Nothing can prepare you for having a child.  And nothing can prepare you for what a joy it is to witness little "firsts."  They are amazing.

Peter started smiling a few weeks (about 3 or 4) back.  He now smiles all the time.  His favorite time to smile is during his diaper change.  He loves getting his dipe changed  :)  And you wouldn't think you would be a beaming proud dad about such small things, but I just am and it's fun.  Here are some photos from about 3 weeks ago.  Peter was dressed up in his new jeans and a handsome black shirt so, I took him outside on our back porch to take some photos with a mixture of evening light bounced off of a brick wall and flash bounced off the porch ceiling.