Farmer's Market

We went to the farmer's market the other weekend. It was lovely. I like meeting the people we are buying food from and knowing that they are experts. Here are some photos I took. So much to take snap shots there. All with an 85mm lens.

Slowing Down and Speeding Up

Some people have been telling us that life with kids slow down but speeds up at the same time. Amen. I feel like I am photographing a lot, but not enough. I want to post more photos, but run short on time. I feel like these precious "one-week-duration faces" slip past me before I know it. He changes often. I think this one is from about 3 or 4 weeks old.

Here is Papa holding Peter for the first time. Papa is my mom's dad. He taught me to fish, hunt for worms, and look for birds. Loves the outdoors. I love him, and it brings my great joy to share his first great grand child with him. "Grandchildren are the crown of the aged, and the glory of children is their fathers." (Prov. 17:6).

Olivia, Stu, and Saffron are back from New Zealand and got to meet Peter for the first time the same day Papa was in. Saffron is just walking (or by the time of this posting - maybe running!). She talks a lot. Sometimes we understand her. Someday the "gap" between Saffron and Peter (14 months) will seem much smaller.

Friends and family have made a lot of food for us. It has been wonderful - not only the gift of food, but especially knowing how many people love us and want to help us as we transition into this new stage of our family. Pesto chicken below.

One such friend is Diana. She likes to make people happy by feeding them good food. What a gift! I was working on some flash techniques and took a few pictures of her while her homemade sesame chicken, dumplings, and green beans warmed up.

Strawberry Shortcake from Mike and Cassie.

I liked the split warm and cool toned background of this photo of the tomatoes.

Our basil is rockn' in it's new bigger potting container.

I liked this edgey looking photo of our great white tomato plant.