It was my pleasure to take some pictures of Mayah and her family the other night. I have been wanting to photography Mayah for about 2 months. In fact, I don't think Kirk and Karla made it through one homegroup with us before I asked if I could photograph her. I was immediately taken by her wonderfully engaging eyes and some awesomely expressive smiles (see photo below with Karla!). Thanks Kirk and Karla, the three of you are truly a beautiful family.

My she is lovely

I cherish my fiance. I have some new flash equipment - in fact basically my first flash equipment. So, of course I have been itchin' pretty good to try it out, so Megan volunteered her second evening this week to model for me and my run-back-and-forth flash setting photography session.

We were taking one of our meandering drives through the country this evening when she spotted this beautiful fence. After some "how do you set this umbrella thing up," I began to photograph her with her utilitarian bag that she made a few months ago. We have a dream that in the future we will shoot "anthropologie - style" catalogs of her handmade goods and sell them across the country. But for now, Balog Bags are getting off the ground on this here blog. She normally only makes one-off bags, but she is willing to replicate this one. It can accompany a nice dress for a sharp bohemian look . . . or carry a Bible, some knitting, a softshell jacket, running clothes, and a pair of shoes for the ultimate in adventure versatility. Love you, Meg. Thanks for being my girl :)

Thanks for Looking!

Thanksgiving Farm Morning

Here's another from that wonderful drive to my grandparents for Thanksgiving. My fiance often wishes she could see more of my photos - I do too! Sometimes all these large format panoramas rest latent as single images waiting for me to stitch them together in Photoshop. When I do, I am always amazed - "Oh that is why I took that set of shots; wow!"

Here is one of a horse farm north of town. What a set of sun, rays, and shadows it was! I loved the textures and the tones of the scene. I am impressed with how many beautiful moments exist every year - even on say, one farm. I am glad to have experienced and rendered this one for my fiance, you, (and me!) to see.

Perfection Seeker

I love to work towards perfection. I have always had a thing about that. By God's grace, my perfectionistic tendencies are becoming healthier - but there is still something in me that loves to work towards perfection.

I have not had much time to photograph recently with preparing for the wedding and all, but I did photograph during a beautiful and very memorable drive to my grandparents house this past Thanksgiving. Highlights of the trip were a heavy crystalline frost, foggy morning air, a Northern Harrier Hawk I got to watch for many minutes, and of course - my grandparents.

My grandmother has since passed away and I have since gotten engaged. And Psalm 65 is written on my soul: "where morning dawns and evening fades you call forth songs of joy."

This photo is a large format panorama taken with minimal aperture. I love the buttery smoothness of the high-tone colors that are so subtly beautiful. Let me know what you think.