Men's Retreat Photos

Here are some photos from a Men's retreat at a camp in Southern Ohio and then a baby shower at a barn at a Central Ohio Farm.

Peter has been feeding himeself . . .

and sometimes it gets in his mouth!

Some photos of the Biltmore Grounds

We really enjoyed the countryside grounds of the Biltmore Estate.  Megan took a number of these photos.

Some photos from the Biltmore Gardens

Some photos from the Smoky Mountains

We had an awesome Spring Break trip this past March.  Still have not posted an photos I think.  Here are some from the Smoky Mountains.

The photo I liked best from the last post

Sometimes, when I post sequences, I feel like some of the photos get buried in the mix.  I think this one was really nice and want to highlight it with a separate post too.

On another note, there are some cameras and lens now that are really beginning to "see in the dark."  Able to perceive, capture, and render the beautiful light that is almost hidden from our natural eyes by the dark.  But nevertheless, the light is there and the light actually may be most beautiful there is - in its subtlty, purity, and grace.  All I have to do is retrain my eyes to see the beautiful light in the dark and let the camera do the work.

Night Hike with the Kauffmans!